How to transport chemical raw materials safely

2021-01-15 15:41

Dangerous goods are generally raw materials, intermediates and products in the chemical industry. The selection of transportation methods is mainly based on the physical and chemical properties of related products. If a production, trade or logistics enterprise needs to transport dangerous goods, the MSDS (material data safety sheet) of the product should be provided first. The product can be divided into three states: solid-liquid gas, and the solid state can only be transported by railcar, Gaseous products can only be stored in pressure steel cylinders or pressure tanks, and liquid products can be transported flexibly. Due to its great relationship with temperature, there are the following choices for its transportation: the general barreled products with high viscosity can be transported by rail car or heat preservation tank car; the chemicals with similar viscosity to water, low vapor pressure and no corrosion can be transported by ordinary atmospheric tank car; the corrosive products can be transported by stainless steel tank car Lose.

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