Management methods of hazardous chemical raw materials

2021-01-15 15:40

1. Transportation management

(1) Before loading, unloading and handling dangerous chemical raw materials, we should make preparations in advance, understand the nature of the goods, and check whether the chemical tools for loading, unloading and handling are firm.

(2) The operators should wear corresponding protective equipment according to the dangerous characteristics of different chemical raw materials, and the toxic and corrosive materials should be strengthened in the work.

(3) During the operation, the dangerous chemical raw materials should be handled with care to prevent impact, friction and vibration, so as to prevent splashing or package breaking out of the chemical raw materials and causing injury to people.

(4) Drinking and smoking are not allowed when handling dangerous chemicals.

(5) When loading, unloading and transporting explosives, first-class inflammables and first-class oxidants, iron wheel trucks, battery trucks and other transportation tools without explosion-proof devices shall not be used.

(6) Before loading, unloading and handling highly corrosive chemical raw materials, it is necessary to check whether the bottom of the box has been corroded, so as to prevent the risk of bottom off.

(7) Two kinds of chemical raw materials with conflicting properties shall not be loaded and unloaded at the same place or transported in the same vehicle at the same time.

2. Daily management

(1) Hazard identification: the first step to prevent accidents is to identify the hazards of hazardous chemical raw materials. Hazard identification of hazardous chemical raw materials is the basis of strengthening the safety management of hazardous chemicals.

(2) The system of "one book and one signature" is implemented: one book is the safety technical instruction, which is a comprehensive document that introduces in detail the information of combustion and explosion, toxicity and environmental hazards of dangerous chemical raw materials.

(3) Waste treatment: the discharge of toxic and harmful substances into the environment must be strictly controlled. The disposal of waste hazardous chemical raw materials shall be carried out in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste and the relevant provisions of the state. The waste chemical raw materials with burning, explosion, toxicity and other dangers shall be destroyed and disposed of, and necessary safety measures shall be taken.

(4) Safety education: safety education is an important part of enterprise safety management. Many chemical accidents are caused by operators' lack of safety knowledge and disobeying safety operation rules and regulations.

(5) Do a good job of emergency rescue measures: emergency rescue is the basic content of the safety management of dangerous chemical raw materials.

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