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Physical properties Potassium persulfate is a kind of white tasteless crystal with density of 2.477. It decomposes at about 100 ° C. It is soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and has strong oxidation;


Potassium persulfate is a kind of non flammable material, but it can release oxygen and has combustion supporting effect. It must be stored in a dry and closed container, away from direct sunlight and heat source. Do not contact with organic matter, rust, a small amount of metal and other reducing substances to prevent the decomposition and explosion of potassium persulfate. Due to the bleaching and slight corrosion of wet potassium persulfate powder and its aqueous solution, avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing during use.


Polymerization: emulsion or acrylic monomer polymerization, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and other products initiator, but also styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene and other colloidal copolymerization initiator.

Metal treatment: treatment of metal surfaces (e.g. in semiconductor manufacturing, cleaning and etching of printed circuits). Activation of copper and aluminum surfaces.

Cosmetics: the main component of bleaching formula.


Desizing and bleaching agents - especially for low temperature bleaching.


Chemical synthesis; water treatment (purification); waste gas treatment, oxidative degradation of harmful substances (such as benzene); disinfectants. Transportation: our factory will use the special fleet of dangerous chemicals to ensure the safety of transportation.

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